Important Update Regarding Our Delivery Service
Unfortunately we have taken the decision to no longer offer a delivery service for the time being
During Covid-19 the demand for our delivery service was higher than ever, almost running as a second business. Since that ended we have seen over the past couple of years our delivery orders drop dramatically. Business in our store has risen with deliveries falling, being a small local family Butcher shop we don't have a massive team. Our team at present is the correct amount to run the size of our shop & to fulfil the business we have flowing through our store day in day out. Our delivery service as we run it independently ourselves would mean we had one member of staff missing for generally half a day as they would be prepping orders & delivering them personally also. This has put a massive strain on the day to day running of our store. As our demand in store is rising we're struggling to keep up with the prep & fulfilling the demand due to practically missing 1 member of staff each day. As the demand of our delivery service is very little nowadays & the amount of work that goes into it being greater than the demand & business inside our store higher than ever this is the reason we have come to the conclusion of suspending our delivery service for the time being.
We have thought long and hard on solutions of keeping the service running but the only option we currently would have would be to employ someone to run the delivery side of our business. With the demand for our local delivery service low and our times & delivery options limited this is currently a option that is not feasible.
We understand we have a small loyal selection of customers who would use our delivery service regularly & we'd like to apologise for this inconvenience & also THANK them for their continued support!!
We're extremely sorry we've had to make this decision but do hope you can understand our reasoning for it.
We will be keeping our set up & if circumstances change it will be something we could offer again easily, just for the foreseeable it will be closed. 
We will still be taking orders as usual for COLLECTION
Give us a call on 02084885106 & we can have all orders ready for you to collect on any day that suits Monday-Sunday
8AM - 5:45PM

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.
We hope to see you all soon in store!
Take Care & We Wish You All The Best

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