Christmas 2021

Download our Christmas Catalogue from the link below or from our category list!
Our order book for Christmas 2021 is now open! This year though, we are having to run it slightly different.
Due to the ongoing backlash & shortage from the pandemic our order numbers from each of our farms are set in stone with no wiggle room. This means we're needing to be even more on top of the amount of orders we take and numbers of birds & joints we sell. We are therefore only using 1 form of order taking which is through the shop (Telephone orders included). This unfortunately means we are unable to offer any ordering through our online website. This will allow us to be on top of our numbers allowing us to provide you with a better service throughout this slightly difficult Christmas period. 

Due to no online orders it unfortunately means we are unable to offer our Delivery service for Christmas orders & all Orders will be Collection only!


Placing your Christmas order is still as simple & easy as ever. We have 2 options for you:




We'll take your order face to face, give you a copy of your order invoice & number whilst helping with any questions you may have

14 Replingham Road, Southfields London

SW18 5LS



0208 488 5106


We'll take your order over the phone, keep your copy of your order invoice & number which you can pick up when you're next in store or we can attach it to your next delivery

When Placing your order through the shop or telephone you will pick a collection date. Which you can chose up to & including the 24th of December



We're extremely sorry we're unable to offer the online delivery service for Christmas Orders this year but we feel its the best option to keep on top of our supply and orders in the current circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you soon and preparing your orders & deliveries in the meantime.


*This Is For Christmas Orders Only - Our Online Delivery Service Will Still Run As Usual From Now & In The Run Up To Christmas* 

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